Mega Moolah Review


Mega Moolah represents the most famous Jackpot in the online casino world. Being known for its colossal wins and the simple base game, this jackpot slot is easily one of the most popular games all around the globe and especially here in India, where players are attracted to the possibility of hitting big wins.

The jungle design is, at first sight, a bit outdated, but because of its hefty potential,  it remains the go-to-slot for jackpot-hunters.

Released in 2006, Mega Moolah is now entering its 15th year as one of the most famous casino games on the market and we predict it staying that way for the next 15 as well. We have dived deep into the mechanics of this slot to provide you with the best Mega Moolah review and hopefully the only one you need before your own casino adventure begins.

All about those Big Wins

When looking closer at mechanics and gameplay, it becomes evident quite quickly that Mega Moolah is all about hitting big and while you focus on getting enthusiastic, we will provide you with the facts you need to know how to play and most importantly, how to win on Mega Moolah.

Released in 2006, Mega Moolah represents an early generation of video slots. It reveals itself on 5 reels and pays on 25 paylines. It uses coins to determine the size of your win, a fact you should remember for when you reach the paytable further down on this page.

Up until now, everything is normal features in a video slot, however, when you hit a lion symbol, which in Mega Moolah represents the wild symbol, your winnings will double if it hits a winning combination.

Speaking of a winning combination, this is a left-to-right slot, paying when you stack up 3 or more of the same symbols, starting from the left on one of the paylines.

Having its world-famous jackpot, it is natural that Mega Moolah is a slot with very high volatility. The RTP of this game is only 88.12%, which is low compared to other online slots, but high compared to slot machines you find in Indian landbased casinos.

As one of a few video slots, Mega Moolah actually has a level of strategy. To learn more about this strategy, you can simply keep reading until you hit the part where we talk about how to win on Mega Moolah.

Watch our recording of how normal gameplay looks like on Mega Moolah.

Our opinion about Mega Moolah

The design is outdated, the font is near something that can be called horrible and the base game is quite boring. However, despite earning a description like that, we both understand why and respect that it is one of the absolute favorites around the world.

As stated above, this game is all about the big wins and if that is what you are looking for, this is an absolute top choice. And let’s be honest with each other – isn’t that what it is all about

The intriguing aspect of Mega Moolah is the four different jackpots you can win and the excitement connected to how it can be won. The random trigger adds a level of entertainment, as it can happen at any time and at every spin.

Another few features counting as a plus is the multiplier wild in the base game and the fact that free spins can be won. Free Spins in Mega Moolah is simply that – normal spins for free. The multiplier wild, however, has huge potential and adds to the excitement.

Mega Moolah Paytable

As mentioned before, the wins are in coins and the stake you place determines how high your real money winnings will be. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total number credits staked and are added to the pay line wins.

All wins are multiplied by credits staked per line, except for scatters. And as mentioned before, Mega Moolah is a left-to-right paying slot, meaning all wins pay left to right, except scatters, that pay both ways. 

Paytable 1


Paytable 2


Paytable 3


How to win on Mega Moolah

Strategy on a Video Slot? You can’t be serious? Well, we are actually. It’s not a difficult strategy or an especially clever one either, but you can actually affect your chances of winning the jackpot.

We feel obligated to say that the most common outcome in Mega Moolah is to never win the jackpot. However – the game has an additional feature in favor of high rollers. Microgaming is indirectly saying that it is a benefit in this game to stake high.

The reason? As one of few jackpot slots, you increase your chances of winning the jackpot when you raise the stake.

On the other side, your chances of hitting a win in the base game remain the same no matter how much you stake, and as referred to earlier, the objective in the base game is to line up as many symbols as possible from left to right on one of the paylines. When you do that – you win!

Where is it best to play Mega Moolah?

To find out where to recommend you playing the famous jackpot slot, we have looked at the casino bonus you get when signing up, or welcome offer in other words. We have also looked at how often the individual Online Casinos tend to participate in campaigns involving Mega Moolah and obviously ranked them by their overall score.

First off the board is our favorite online casino and live casino, Casumo. With a welcome offer that allows you to play a lot longer than several other online casinos, Casumo represents a great choice both for playing Mega Moolah and other video slots. Being true to our opinion about Mega Moolah and the above statement that it’s all about the big wins, any welcome offer free spins won’t do much here, as you can’t win the jackpot with promotional free spins in Mega Moolah. Being the best online casino, with the second-best welcome bonus and a user interface anyone would want to experience, Casumo is the preferred option.

If you have read our online casino reviews before, you know we also have a weak spot for Wildz Online Casino. This doesn’t change when we talk about Mega Moolah and where to play it. They offer the best casino bonus and with its lightning-fast page, any game is a good game to play at Wildz.

These are our two favorites to play Mega Moolah at, but we have several recommended runner-up online casinos that you can consider if you want a brand new online casino to play at when chasing those jackpots.

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If you’re not quite there yet, we are more than happy to show you more videos of the famous jackpot slot on our Youtube-channel. In addition to plenty of Mega Moolah videos, you can take a look at other interesting casino games and how they can entertain you.

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