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Ever since the creation of the first slot machine in 1894, millions of people around the globe have found this easy form of entertainment both intriguing and exciting. With regulations dating back to the 19th century, it is clear that this is the case for Indian people as well. In these days the spotlight has shifted over to online slots and once the world discovered this form of entertainment, we haven’t looked back since. Although we know online slots have been available to Indian players for a while, we don’t need to go many years back to see when it really settled as one of the most common forms of entertainment.

While you and others have played online slots, we have collected data. This data now makes the foundation of this article and soon to be your new set of knowledge. Collecting this data has made it possible for us to say with 100% certainty which 20 slot machines are the most popular ones in India and within reasonable doubt point to the reason why. All of this and more is now open and available to you on this page. If you want to know exactly what you will learn by this read, you can check out the bullet point list beneath. 

Article Overview

  • Differences between online slots
  • Important features with a slot machine
  • What makes a good mobile slot
  • What features Indian players like
  • The 20 most popular online slots in India
  • The best Online Slots Casinos

Online Slots

The similarities and differences

Online Slots is in many cases an umbrella term for a variety of different slots. To give you the knowledge you deserve and need to fully enjoy the entertainment an online casino can give, we have made a quick and simple guide to the different kinds of online slots as well as how you win on them. In part one of this segment, we will teach you the differences between a classic slot, a video slot, and a reactor slot before we move on to how you win by explaining the differences between coin wins, ways-to-win and where Megaways fits in all this. Sounds good? Great, let’s get going.

Classic Slots

A classic slot is often defined by how it’s designed, the way the reels react, and how it pays. In this category of slot machines, you will normally find symbols such as jokers, 7s, and fruit as this is how the slot machines of the 70s were made. The standard of 3 reels with paylines going from left to right where the goal is to line up the same symbol, makes classic slots super simple to follow. With easy gameplay and often a good potential of a Big Win, they remain popular to this day and a good example of this is Mega Joker, which you can find in the top 20 list for India.

Video Slots

After moving the classic slots over to online casinos, developers soon saw the potential of moving over to a modernized version. Taking inspiration from Video Poker, they developed a system of random payouts before they started to play with the design. The reels expanded from 3 all the way to 5 and 6 reels, new symbols started to arrive and this has gone on to be the most popular category of slots in 2020. To give you a good example of beloved video slots, you can take a look at Starburst which features many of the same characteristics as a classic slot, but with a new and modern look, 5 reels and 20 paylines. An even more modern version of a video slot is Book of Dead, which also includes a bonus round and more detailed design.

Reactor Slots

A Reactor Slot is an even more developed kind of slot. Revealed by its name, this type of slot works in many ways like a video slot, but the features are triggered as a reaction to what is happening on the screen. This kind of slot often features added features as you get more wins and the way it pays is more than often through cluster pays. Reactoonz is the most popular reactor slot and a very good example of how they work. Through collecting a minimum of 5 connecting symbols anywhere on the grid, it both pays and builds towards an added feature. 

Jackpot Slots

Many experts will claim that Jackpot Slots shouldn’t be a category by itself and we agree. However, for the purpose of learning, we have done this so we can tell you what separates this from the other categories. A Jackpot Slot can be any of the above-mentioned categories with a difference in how it pays. The base game normally has a lower RTP (Return To Player) than what you find in one without the jackpot, however, while playing you send a small piece of your stake into a shared pool. This pool of money, called the jackpot can be won by anyone that is playing the jackpot slot. 

How to Win on Slots Online


Paylines are the classic way of how to win on an online slot machine. By reading the description of the game, you will see how many paylines the slot have and from which direction you have to line up the symbols. The normal payline goes from left to right. However, some slot machines pay both ways, meaning you can line up symbols both from left to right and from right to left.


This is a payout method that was introduced with the entrance of video slots and is becoming increasingly more popular. The normal here is still to go from left to right, but instead of having to hit paylines, you can hit anywhere on the reel. In a spin that gives you symbol 7 on the bottom of reel 1, top of reel 2, and middle of reel 3, you will normally get a win. This way to win, often increases how many ways there are of winning from the normal of 10 to a lot more and is the theory behind Megaways with over 117,000 ways to win.

Important Slot Features

Key features that you need to know

The way you can win and what kind of slot machine you are playing are the key features you need to know before you start playing. However, as you spin for fun, you will soon learn that there are more features to all these kinds of slots. In this segment, we will learn you what to look for as this will make it easier for you later to know if this new fancy video slot is something for you or if you would benefit from spending time spinning an already existing favorite.

The reels

We start off easy by teaching you why the number and size of reels are important to a slot machine. The reels are what actually matters the most when it comes to functionality and design. A classic slot normally has 3 reels while a modern video slot can have up to 5 or 6. This will affect how to win and what you need in order to win.


How many rows is important to a slot both for mobile usability and how many chances you get per reel to hit that symbol you need or want. The more rows, the better the online slot is to use on your mobile phone or tablet as visibility increases.


RTP is an abbreviation for Theoretical Return to Player and is the percentage calculation of how much a slot machine pays back to the players. Very important to know about RTP is that it is calculated over a minimum of 1,000,000,000 and is not connected to any specific player. That means that you don’t have any guarantee to get X% back from your losses if you pass 1,000,000,000 spins. The nature of a slot machine is that some players win and some players lose.

The Way it Pays

How an online slot machine pays is obviously very important. The two most normal ways of paying are coin wins and multipliers. If you hit the info-button on any given slot, you will be able to see how much combinations pay and how they pay. You can also determine how much the coin value or spin value should be.

Free Spins

Before we start, we have to clarify that there are to different categories of Free Spins. One is promotional Free Spins, the other one is a in-game feature. In this segment, we will talk about the in-game feature, but if you are looking for promotional free spins, you should check out these welcome bonuses on online casinos. In-game free spins are won by collecting the correct amount of special symbols in many different slots. More often than not, these free spins will take you to a bonus round where you can both win extra and play for free for a certain number of spins.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus Rounds are a feature a lot of online slots have. Often with an added feature or higher maximum wins. Normally with a combination. To our knowledge, all bonus rounds are free through free spins won in the base game.

Which Slots are Most Popular

The feature Indian Players can’t resist

Now that you have gained some useful knowledge of what the different expressions mean and how they affect the gameplay of the games, it’s time to take a look at which features make the blood go a little faster for Indian players. India is independent in any way possible, so also in the online casino world. Even though we share a lot of the favorite slots, it is very clear that we have some features we love more than other countries.

One example of a feature we love is the jackpot feature. You would imagine that everyone loves a solid jackpot, but our findings are that jackpot slots like Mega Moolah and Super Spinner Bar-X have a way higher percentage of the total spins than any other country in the world. This can indicate that Indians love waiting for that big win and not nesacearly have a small win on every spin.

While many countries have a very balanced repertoire of popular slots, Indians are more divided. From our findings, we can say that it either has to be a true classic slot with 3 reels and a few paylines or a super modern video slot with many functions and a high level of entertainment. An example of a true video slot is Dead or Alive 2.