Can you beat the casino?


There is a rule when playing casino and that is that the casino always wins. This rule is a fact with some modifications, as no one would play casino if it wasn’t possible to beat them from time to time, we might as well donate our money to a better purpose if that was the case.

The key to beating is to understand the concept of RTP and to recognize when the RTP is above 100%. In this article, we will give you the answer to how you beat a casino and on the way teach you a thing or two about RTP.

What is RTP and why it is important

RTP is an abbreviation of Theoretical Return To Player and tells you how approximately much a game will pay the players back. As this is calculated over billions of game rounds and to all players combined, the number should not be relied upon as a guaranteed payback for you as one player.

The correct use of RTP for your sake is to determine how likely it is for you to find a period of time when the RTP is above 100%. If you have played casino before, we have all had gaming periods when this number is closer to zero and you end up losing almost all your balance. The good news is that this will be weighed up by an RTP over 100% on another occasion.

Good timing is key

Using what we have learned about RTP, we now move over to timing. This is the luck aspect of any slot machine. However, in a live casino, there are some steps you can take to determine when the right timing is. One of these is counting cards.

The clue to having good timing is to sit down at the table when there is a period when the RTP is above 100. Another way of having good timing is to have low stakes when the RTP is under 100% and higher your stake when the RTP is over.

We have put together an example graph to highlight this point and will explain to you how you beat the casino accordingly in this scenario.

The example is from a blackjack table we have played. We have split it into periods to make this super simple to understand.

Period 1-4 has an RTP under 100%. An optimal strategy during this period is to use minimum stake size while counting cards. It is legal to count cards in an online casino. However, they use cut cards in the deck to make it less effective. We still recommend to do it, as it will give you a qualified guess of when the RTP will be over 100% for a period of time.

Period 5-8 has an RTP of over 100%. An optimal strategy during this period is to use your maximum stake size while still counting cards. It is important to keep counting, so you know when to lower your stake again. We recommend not going above 5% of your balance when setting your maximum stake, as there will be losses in good periods as well and you want to diversify your bets to minimize risks.

Period 9 has and RTP under 100%. It is time to leave the table. The example above is a classic example of RTP in Blackjack and it is likely that it will take a while before the table becomes hot again. They will change the deck in the middle of this, resetting your count and highering the risk of missing when a good period arrives.

Choose the right games

If your only goal is to beat the casino, we recommend to choose games based on it’s RTP and use a betting strategy. You will find a ton of articles with interesting looking blackjack strategies, but the truth is that you will not find a more effective one than basic blackjack strategy. The RTP is 99,6% which gives you a good shot at periods above 100%. Blackjack is one of several games we can recommend when you want to beat the casino. Here is the list:

Live Casino Games

Live Blackjack99.59%
Blitz Blackjack99.50%
Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker99.47%
Speed Blackjack99.28%
Baccarat (Banker Bet)98.95%
Casino Hold’em Poker98.99%
Baccarat (Player Bet)98.76%
Lightning Baccarat (Player Bet)98.76%
Roulette (French)98.65%
Free Bet Blackjack98.45%
Caribbean Stud Poker98.19%
Casino Stud Poker98.19%

Slot Machines

Ugga Bugga by Playtech99.07%
Mega Joker99.00%
Ooh Aah Dracula by Barcrest99.00%
1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick98.60%
Jackpot 6000 by NetEnt98.86%
Rainbow Riches Pick N’ Mix by Barcrest98.00%

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