How to Win at Casino


You have asked the million rupee question and we have the answer to how you win at the casino. After 4-5 minutes of reading, we will have taught you both how you win and how you get your winnings, just to be sure that we give the best answer to your question.

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It is time to get started with our guide on how to win at the casino, and we start off by introducing Paylines.

How to win: Paylines

Paylines are the old fashioned way to win at on a slot machine. The goal for you as a player is to line up as many symbols as possible on one of them and obviously meet the minimum requirement of symbols on that specific slot machine. How many paylines a slot machine has, varies between them and can also be adjusted within some slot machines.

As an example, we will use Book of Dead, which many of you are already familiar with. This slot machine from Play N’ Go have a maximum of 10 paylines as a way of winning. We say maximum, as you can adjust how many paylines you want to use and, as an effect, increase volatility while you decrease your stake.

In Book of Dead, the minimum required symbols, from left-to-right on one of the paylines are 3 for normal symbols, and 2 for premium symbols. When you reach this minimum, you will win.

How to win: Ways-To-Win

An equally normal way of winning on a slot machine carries a very logical name. Ways-To-Win has a lot of similarities to paylines, as you in many cases are talking about collecting the same symbols from left to right.

However, there are no requirements that the symbols are on the same lines, but often, you need the reels they appear on to be connecting. If you have ever heard of MEGAWAYS, this is an extension to this, as this way of winning opens up for thousands of win opportunities, compared to paylines.

As how to win and how to get paid are to very relating questions, we have chosen to answer the last question in this article as well, to make sure you get the knowledge you desire.

How To Get Paid: Coin Wins

The concept of Coin Wins is unique to the slot machine and is a way of calculating the winnings of a player. Instead of giving you multipliers directly on your bet, your bet will be represented with a coin value. This is easily adjusted by turning your bet size up and down.

In this example, the maximum coin value is 1, and to play with this value, you have to pay 200 INR per spin. You choose to play with 100 INR per spin and thereby a coin value of 0.5. You hit and land a win of 100,000 coins. Since you are playing with 0.5 in value, your payout will be 50,000 INR.

How To Get Paid: Multipliers

Multipliers might be the most logical and easiest to learn compared to coin wins, as it simply multiplies your stake x number of times. An example of this is that you hit something worth 15 times your money and you have a bet of 100 INR, the winnings will be 1,500 INR.

This way to get paid is used in many slot machines and exclusively in live casino games.

A summary of how to win at the casino

As we know now, there is a difference between how you win and how you get paid. To make sure you remember this, we have summarized this article in a shortlist for you:

  • How to Win: Paylines
  • How to Win: Ways-To-Win
  • How to Get Paid: Coin Wins
  • How to Get Paid: Multipliers

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