How To Play Casino


There are several different ways to play a casino, but some of the steps apply to any casino out there. In this short, yet informative article we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to play casino.

Step 1: Find a suiting casino

Before deciding on one or more online casinos, it’s important that you find a casino that suits you. That involves finding the right selection of games and the best welcome bonus for your deposit level.

Here at IndianLiveCasino, we can help you with both of these things. Head over to our casino reviews or look for a good welcome bonus to learn more.

Step 2: Register

If you want to play for free and solely seek entertainment without money, this step is unnecessary as many of the online casinos offer a free-2-play version of their slot machines when logged out. 

But if you do want to play for real money, you can press “play now” on any of our casino reviews and you will be redirected either to a landing page of the casino or directly to the signup-form.

Enter your details and make sure these are correct, as they will have to be verified to make a withdrawal later on.

Step 3: Make a Deposit

When you have registered your account, it is time to add money so you can play. Choose your preferred payment option and enter the correct details. Find out how much you can afford to play for and make the deposit.

It is important that you have selected the correct welcome bonus at this stage, as it often relies on your first deposit. When you have done all of this, you are ready to play!

Step 4: Find a game to play

You have an account and money to play for. You might even have some bonus money to extend the fun. Now it is time to play.

To find a game, we recommend visiting the Popular Games section of both the casino and the live casino, as the chances of you finding an entertaining slot or even better, a live casino game that you will like.

Step 5: Play Casino

You have now found a casino, registered, deposited, chosen a welcome bonus, and selected a game. Let the fun begin!

Select your bet level on the slot machine or live casino game. Depending on which you will now have to either press the spin button (slot machine) or select what to bet on (live casino). When this is done, you have officially completed our step-by-step guide and you are playing casino.

A summary on how to play casino

Now that you have completed the step-by-step guide on how to play casino, we are ready to summarize the steps in this list:

  • Find a casino
  • Register
  • Deposit
  • Find a game
  • Play

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