How To Play Casino Games


Welcome to this short, yet informative step-by-step guide on how to play casino games. By the time you are finished with this article, you will have learned about how you place a bet in live casino games and how you spin a slot machine.

If you already have an account that you like, you can jump forward to either step 2 or 3.

Step 1: Create an account

We start this guide off very similar to our How to Play Casino Guide that we have made. The 1st step to play casino games is to register an account. To find a site to play at, you can check out our recommended online casinos.

When you have found a casino to play at, you simply press Play Now inside one of the reviews and you will be redirected to the preferred casino.

Arriving at the casino-site, press register and fill in the form with your personal information. It is important that this information is correct, as you will have to verify this before making a withdrawal.

Step 2: Deposit

Now that you have an account at an online casino, you need to make sure that you have the money you can play for. If the account is new or you have a balance saying 0 rupees, you have to make a deposit.

If you already have money in your account, you can jump to step 3.

Step 3: Enter the game

You have an account with money on it and it is time to pick a game. The first option is between live casino games and the easier form of entertainment, slot machines. The links we have included in the previous sentence redirect you to either our live casino lobby or slot lobby, where you will find the most popular games in India.

The guides you find there are super handy as they will learn you more about the games, as well as solid betting strategies for f.ex MONOPOLY Live and the super popular game Teen Patti.

Enter your preferred game.

Step 4: Make a bet

We are splitting this section into two pieces, as to how you play casino games differs between a live casino game and a slot machine. Indicated by the name of this page, we will start with live casino games as Roulette and Blackjack.

When playing a live casino game, there are two different ways to play. We are using blackjack and roulette as examples here, as those two games represent the two ways very well.

In a live casino game such as Blackjack, but also in Teen Patti, you play by deciding your bet size and place that bet before the game starts. This bet is often referred to as ante and will in some cases be the only bet you can make and in other cases also represent the maximum raise you can place. 

While choosing your bet size is the same in Roulette, you are in this game asked to select which section you want to bet on. This way to play casino games is also present in games such as MONOPOLY Live as well.

Moving over to the simpler slot machine, there is only one way to play. Same as in live casino games, you start off by choosing your bet size. The next step, however, is a lot easier, as you only have to press the Spin button to start playing

Step 5: Repeat

The next step is to repeat the actions of step 4. If you run out of money, you can either choose to stop playing or re-deposit, using step 2 of this guide again.

As you play, you are at any time allowed to change your bet value, and in live casino games, you will also be allowed to change sections you bet on. This gives you full control while playing casino games.

Summary on how to play casino games

We have gone through quite a few steps here, so we felt the need to summarize the article for you. Before giving you the list however, we want to remind you that all of the steps above can be repeated.

If you don’t like the casino, after all, visit our website and find a new casino to sign up at. If you run out of money or want to take advantage of an offer that is given to you, repeat step 2. Want to find a new game, then repeat step 3 and so on.

Here is what we have learned about how to play casino games:

  • Register (or login)
  • Make a deposit (or check balance)
  • Find a game
  • Place a bet
  • Repeat

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